Thursday, 24 June 2010

Review for Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

This novel is very similar to two other books I’ve read Just listen and Speak. It’s about Regina Afton who at a party one night gets attacked by her best friend Anna’s boyfriend she manages to get away and while hurt and confused goes to confide in her frenemy Kara. Regina’s part of the most popular girl clique in school and plays second in command to her best friend Anna but the day after the rape when she goes into school she finds that she’s been frozen out by the group. Kara’s told Anna that Regina hooked up with her boyfriend and Anna doesn’t believe Regina when she try’s to tell her that she was nearly rapped. Anna’s out for revenge and Anna’s a mean girl - a lethal combination. As the year goes on and the bullying gets worse Regina gets closer to social outcast Michael who she herself used to bully. What starts of as a freeze out from her friends soon takes a cruel turn to some nasty rumours and some malicious pranks and when Regina decides that she’s not going down without a fight she just might not only be putting herself but also Michael in serious danger. I didn’t love Courtney Summers debut novel Cracked up to be that much so I was a bit weary about reading this one but I’m so glad I did because it was so much better. This is very dark and shows exactly how mean some girls can be out of all the books I’ve read on this subject I think this is my favourite because it felt so real. I would recommend this to any girl going through high school because it’s a very important novel that makes you understand that what you say to people and bullying can have a very serious effect on that person. I’m so excited to see what Courtney Summers brings out next because she just gets better and better! 4.5 stars. My Rating 4.5/5 stars ****1/2
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