Monday, 5 July 2010

Review for Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

First things first I want to say that this book holds a very special place in my heart. It’s one of my favourite Sarah Dessen novels (and I’ve read them all- some over and over!) and probably the book I can relate most to out of all of the many books I’ve read. Sarah Dessen bravely tackles the subject of violence in teen relationships, something I myself went through a few years back when I was 15. Now I don’t know if Sarah’s ever been through this but she gets the feelings the main character Catlin goes through spot on. This is the third time I’ve read this book and each time I fall in love with it all over it again reading parts with tears in my eyes. Caitlin’s perfect older sister Cass runs away with a boy on Caitlin’s 16th birthday which is probably the only reckless move she’s ever made in her life. Lost without her older sisters guidance Caitlin soon gets involved with bad boy Rogerson who keeps her on her toes and keeps her mind off missing her sister. But when Rogerson starts getting violent Caitlin needs her big sister more than ever, so she starts writing to Cass telling her everything that’s going on with Rogerson in the dream journal Cass gives to her before running away. She doesn’t know with Cass gone if Cass will ever get chance to read it but feeling like she’s communicating with her sister gives her comfort. With her parents wrapped up in finding her sister, her cheerleading friends Rogerson has isolated her from gone, and a missing sister Caitlin’s never felt more alone. It’s up to Caitlin and Caitlin alone to get away from Rogerson and save herself before it’s too late. This is such a brilliant book guys. I would really recommend this to any teenage girl seems as violence in teen relationships are getting higher and higher. Caitlin’s story’s so tragic and honest and I can 100 per cent vouch that this story tells it as it is. Totally recommended, 5 stars. My Rating 5/5 stars *****


  1. The best books are the ones closest to our hearts. I hope that what you went through made you stronger! Great review!

  2. Thanks Grace! It definitely made me stronger in some respects :)


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