Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Review for Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Let me start off by saying that the first book in this trilogy Shiver is one of my all time favourite books. It’s my idea of the perfect read. It’s deeply romantic, tragic and haunting so ever since I turned the last page - tears silently running down my cheeks - I’ve been hungry to get my hands on Linger. This is one of my most anticipated reads of the year and it didn’t disappoint. In Shiver Sam and Grace got their happy ending. Sam’s cure worked. He stayed Sam forever shedding his wolf’s skin and everything was perfect - or so we thought. In Linger Maggie Stiefvater shakes things up again. Sam still can’t quiet believe he’s really been cured and is cautious to get hopeful about any sort of future. Plus there’s still his family, his pack, in the woods. He doesn’t miss his life as a wolf but he misses his father figure Beck and the rest of the pack and is eagerly waiting for the warmer days when his friends will start shifting back to human form. Grace is struggling to keep a balance between Sam and her parents whilst all the while she’s keeping a dangerous secret. One that could threaten not only her relationship with Sam but her life and as time draws on she finds herself changing in ways she never could have expected… This book was amazing. I loved it. Maggie Stiefvater has a real way with words that really brings Sam and Grace’s relationship to life. Although this is a supernatural story above all it’s a love story and a tragic one at that. I love the characters especially Sam who is my ideal guy and Isabel who’s beautifully broken. The end of this book had me in tears yet again and I was desperate to give it 5 stars but had to knock it down to 4 and a half just for the fact that I really didn’t like Cole and found his chapters made me lose interest although he did redeem himself at the end of the book which raised my opinion of him a little. That really didn’t take away from the book that much for me though and now I’m counting down the days until next summer when the final instalment of this trilogy Forever comes out. Well worth the wait and highly recommended 4.5 stars. My Rating 4.5/5 stars ****1/2


  1. Hey Jessica! This book made me cry buckets too :D
    And now it seems like forever till the last one comes out!
    ewww okay bad pun :P

  2. Just read Linger today! Great review, and on a random note I really like the book cover you have...mine is green, but the black and white one is super cool :)

    I only beg to differ on one point...I heart Cole, especially once I was sure he wasn't going to cause a Sam/Grace issue.


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