Sunday, 11 July 2010

Review for Two-way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

This book was just AMAZING. Seriously this is now one of my all time favourite books I just loved everything about it. I’ve had this one on the shelf for a couple of months now and really wanted to get it read over this summer. I’m going on a road trip of my own (thankfully not with an ex) next week so I thought I’d pick this up to read and take with me whilst I’m away with it being relevant and all. So what started as me saying to myself I’ll just read a few chapters soon turned into me devouring the entire thing in one sitting, darn you Lauren Barnholdt! Now I have to find something else to take with me on my trip! Jordan and Courtney were the unlikely high school couple. Jordan the heartbreaker who doesn’t believe in relationships and Courtney the good girl who always plays it safe never dreamed they’d fall for each other but they did and it worked. That is until Jordan unexpectedly dumps Courtney for a girl he meets on the internet. Courtney never wants to see Jordan again and is mortified when she finds that not only will she have to put up with him at college but it’s too late to change plans for their road trip to orientation together- the trip is on! Courtney’s heartbroken but figures she can tough it out for three days and act like she doesn’t care. But it turns out that Jordan cares a lot. Jordan’s got a few secrets he’s keeping from Courtney about why they had to break up, why they can’t ever be together again, and why despite everything Jordan still loves Courtney and never wanted to break up with her in the first place… This book is told from both Courtney and Jordan’s perspectives switching from the trip to the past when they first got together, which I loved. You really get to see how in love Jordan and Courtney were and you really want to know what made Jordan leave the girl he loves and let me tell you the twist is awesome and made me actually fall in love with Jordan myself. Courtney can get a little annoying at times but Jordan and his hilarious best friend B.J definitely make up for it! Courtney and Jordan are the kind of couple you’re rooting for all the way through the book. Sweet and funny this is definitely a book I would recommend to read this summer. Lauren Barnholdt you have yourself a new fan! I brought her other two books One Night That Changes Everything, and Watch Me earlier this week they both sound great and if there as good as Two Way Street I’m in for such a treat! 5 stars. My Rating 5/5 stars *****

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  1. Great review I have to find a copy of this book it sounds amazing. Thanks!


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