Tuesday, 24 August 2010

THE END IS NIGH – Mockingjay, Road-Trip, Charity Event, and other things…

Hello everyone! This is just a little update I wanted to do because I have a few things to tell you. Tomorrow I am going to visit and stay with my friend Rachel over @ In the Library of LadyViolet and during that time were going to be going to visit our other friend Ellie over @ Musings of a Bookshop Girl and her lovely little bookshop. We’re going to be doing lots of awesome bookish things, for one were going on a book crawl hopping from one bookshop to another in search of awesome new books to add to our shelves. I think me and Rach will also be making a Vlog or two which I’ll post about when I get home. Because I’ll be away I probably wont do any posts until the weekend now, so I just wanted to let you all know so your not wondering where I am. Second thing I wanted to talk to you about is MOCKINGJAY. It came out in the US today and it comes out over here in the UK tomorrow. I know me and Rach will definitely be on the look out for this on the trip I can’t wait I’m so excited and uber jealous of all of you people who got it today. If you want to leave me a comment telling me if you loved it or if it left you disappointed feel free but please don’t include spoilers! Did you go to a midnight release party? How do you like the book so far? Feel free to get a little spoiler free discussion going on in the comments. I’m going to read Mockingjay next so stay tuned for a review soon! I got an email yesterday from some bloggers doing a really cool thing. There trying to raise money for First book and Save the Children and if you make a donation you automatically get entered into an awesome giveaway where you could win tons of signed books and signed swag from various authors. If you wish to take part please head over to Random Ramblings, 21 Pages, and Books Out Of The Bookshelves for more information. So that’s pretty much it. I wanted to try and get another post done before I left but I have a lot left to do tonight so that can wait until I get back. I hope your all enjoying Mockingjay and will look out for my posts about what me, Rach and Ellie got up to on the trip. Happy Mockingday and I’ll speak to you all soon :) Jessica


  1. Ah! I'm in agony, annoyed that we have to wait until tomorrow. Jealous of everyone in the US :P. I'm so excited!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Naturally it's going to rain and now Mum's lost her voice, which scuppers things a tiny bit, but YOU'LL BE HERE! WHICH IS AWESOME! xx


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