Thursday, 16 September 2010

Review for City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Well what can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said? I hopped on the wagon very late for this one which isn’t like me at all especially when you consider that I’ve had the complete Mortal Instruments series sitting on my shelf for the past year. Everyone has one of those series that they really want to read but for some reason or another never get around to and the Mortal Instruments series is mine. I think what finally pushed me to read City of Bones was all the hype around Cassandra Clare’s latest book Clockwork Angel which is a prequel to this series. I really want to read Clockwork Angel and although they don’t have to be read in order I did want to read The Mortal Instruments first just because I’m particular about things like that- I don’t want to miss anything and want to read them how there ment to be read. So I forced myself to sit down with City of Bones a few nights ago and after months of putting it off in favour of other books I wish I’d read it sooner…I loved it. The story is set right in the heart of New York City which I loved. Most books that involve supernatural beings take place in the clichéd small quiet town but Cassandra Clare brings the story into a huge modern day city which made the book feel more real to me and more current. I loved the idea of vampires dancing in the hottest night clubs and faeries running around central park. It was very fresh and I loved the thought of sharing our world with these creatures in secret. Most YA books on the market tend to focus on one supernatural species but Clare gives the reader any supernatural creature they can think of werewolves? Sure, witches? you’ve got it. This makes the world were introduced to very layered and action packed with never a dull moment. Before reading City of Bones I’d read a couple of reviews that said that they found the series badly written but I personally loved the writing style. It’s fresh, witty and modern and I found it a breeze to read. Cassandra Clare creates a quirky, funny dialog and the banter between the characters was great. You quickly come to love the characters and my favourite had to be Simon closely followed by Magnus (who I hope there’s more of in books to come!) and Jace. I have to admit that I found Clary a little annoying at the start because she was so slow to figure things out that I picked up on chapters ago but as she developed through the book I really began to like her towards the end. The only fault I had with this book was the romance. I just didn’t feel it between Clary and Jace and would have liked to have felt a little more chemistry between them then again it is early days so I’m hoping things get more intense in books two and three. I personally love Simon myself but I think ultimately Clary belongs with Jace so I really hope their err “problems” that stop them from being together get resolved in the next books. Not saying too much on that as I don’t want to give away a great big stinkin’ spoiler! I’d of loved to have given this book 5 stars but I had to knock it down to 4.5 just because whilst the beginning of the book was good it wasn’t perfect for me. I didn’t think about it when I put it down, I didn’t want to read it every spare moment I had at least not until I was half way through when I really started to get into it. It’s one of those books that just get’s better and better and so I hope that over all this series does the same. If it does I can see it being up on my favourite section of my book shelf before long. Over all highly recommended and I’m very excited to read the next book in the series City of Ashes soon. 4.5 stars. My Rating 4.5/5 stars ****1/2


  1. Great review! I absolutely loved City of Bones, and City of Ashes was a great second book! :)

  2. awesome review! I liked this series too :)

  3. City of Bones was fantastic and I agree that the romance was missing abit. Then again after reading City of Ashes, I found that maybe Cassandra Clare was holding out on the romancey part of the book because she wanted to use what I love to call "silent romance" where the romance is happening, but the writer expects the readers to see it is happening instead of having to write it out until that writer feels it is time.
    I have no idea if that makes sense.
    But I loved the review. Very good and the books rules.


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