Friday, 29 October 2010

Scary, Spooky and Supernatural – Jess’s top pick’s for Halloween!

Halloween is drawing ever closer and to celebrate I wanted to recommend my top reads to get everyone in that Halloween spirit! I’ve made sure that there’s really something for everyone in these recommendations and am doing a Fear Factor Scale for each book for those who want to be truly terrified and those who get easily spooked! All of these books have been read and loved by me over the years and come highly recommended for Halloween reading!
Fear Factor Screamtastic- Highly scary read, not for the faint of heart! Spookylishious- Creepy but you’ll be able to sleep when you put it down! Tiny Terror – A fun read with supernatural, scary elements, mild Halloween reading!
Misery by Stephen KingThis is the perfect Halloween read for all you book lovers out there. Stephen King is known as the King of horror for good reason. What would you guys do if your favourite author ended a book not the way you wanted it to end? What if the author in question were staying at your home- injured and vulnerable? What if you were a murderer? Find out just how bad things can get with Misery. This one will chill all authors to the bone! Fear Factor = Screamtastic Let the Right One in by John Ajvide LindqvistForget Vampires that sparkle this horror book that’s took the world by storm is all about vampires that are out for blood! If you love traditional blood thirsty vamps this is the book for you! Fear Factor = Screamtastic The Body Finder by Kimberly DertingLove your young adult? This is the perfect book for you this Halloween. Sinister and spooky get inside the mind of a killer and a girl who finds the bodies of those who have been murdered… Fear Factor = Spookylishious Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey NiffeneggerBrilliantly told gothic ghost story. A wonderfully delicious ghost story that’s full of twists and turns this one’s guaranteed to keep you up late turning those pages! Fear Factor = Spookylishious The Poisoned House by Michael Ford- A creepy young adult historical fiction novel about a big old house and ghostly goings on. You won’t want to be home alone when you’re reading this one! Fear Factor = Spookylishious Night World: Bind-up Books 1-3 by L J Smith- If you’re a lover of all things supernatural this is a great book to read this Halloween. Three short stories about vampires, werewolves and witches this is the ideal book to pick up if you’re in the mood for the creatures that go bump in the night. Fear Factor = Tiny Terror The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan- Everybody loves a good zombie book and I’d definitely recommend this one to dystopian fans. Apocalyptic zombie fun because sometimes the scariest reads of all are the ones that really could happen someday. Fear Factor = Tiny Terror And lastly Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead- For those who dream of snuggling up next to a sexy vampire this Halloween I’d recommend Vampire Academy. By far my favourite vampire series this has plenty of action and romance to keep the vampire lovers satisfied this Halloween. Fear Factor = Tiny Terror
So there you have it my recommended Halloween reading! I loved all of these books and have only selected the best of the best. I hope some of you decide to check these out for some spooky reading and whatever you’re doing this Halloween- whether it’s trying to hunt down a hot vampire for the night, or snuggling up with lots of goodies, some films and a book I hope you all have a great time enjoying the most paranormal night of the year!
Happy Halloween! Jessica


  1. What a great idea. I quite fancy The Poisoned House. Don't think I'll be able to get a copy in time for Halloween though. I've added it to my ever increasing wish list lol

  2. I ordered the Body Finder, but it probably won't get here til next week! Pooey.

  3. Fab list - I think the spookylishious category appeals to me most, so it's good to see The Body Finder there. I really want to read that one!


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