Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's World Book Day!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy world book day! Today’s kind of like a holiday to me so I thought I’d do my part as a book blogger and do a post making people aware of it. Today is a special day where every single person in the world can celebrate the joy of books and reading. I know some schools in the UK are inviting their children to dress up as their favourite book characters and there are a lot of authors going to schools or doing talks at radio stations, bookshops and libraries. Hopefully there’s something fun going on in your area that you can attend, and if not why not make the most of it anyway? Parents take your kids to the library for an hour or spend half hour before bedtime reading them stories. Then of course settle down with a book of your own when the kids are in bed! Non-parents like myself why not go book shopping or to your local library and treat yourself to some new titles? How about a nice soak in the bath with a favourite book? Or if you’re a blogger do a post on anything bookish! There are lots of fantastic ways to celebrate this wonderful day and I for one can’t wait to curl up in bed later tonight with my current read! For more information on world book day visit their website here. If you want to leave a comment letting me know how you or the kids plan on celebrating today feel free I would love to know! I hope that whatever you’re up to you all have a fantastically bookish day!


  1. I'm a terrible person...I didn't even know about this, but you better believe I'll spread the word now! Happy world book day, Jess! :)

  2. You know, I've been so wrapped up in World Book NIGHT that I'd forgotten about WBD! I did read a bit last night though, and bought two books in the morning, and watched a very funny 'My Life in Books' with the awesome Sarah Millican, so I did my bit I guess... :-)

    On that note - go check your email, I'm planning a last-minute WBN blog post and I sent you a message about it! xx

  3. Happy World Book Day! It happened to be the only day in weeks I didn't manage to pick a book up would you believe!

    My son's school celebrated it today and they had to go dressed up as their favourite book character. I got him all prepared to go as Bob the Builder, with the check shirt, yellow hard hat and toolbox, but this morning he refused to get dressed up so he turned up at school as the only child in uniform. Kids eh!

  4. I have a world book day voucher ;). £1 off a book of my choice! :P. I used to love World Book Day when I was younger, getting those mini books and everything. I think it's a fantastic event!


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