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Passion Blog Tour: Lauren Kate’s Favourite Luce and Daniel Moments including a scene from Passion and upcoming and final book Rapture!

So those of you who’ve read the Fallen books are sure to have some of your own favourite moments between our starstruck couple Luce and Daniel I mean there are plenty of heart wrenching, romantic scenes to choose from right?! When I was approached to take part on a tour for the latest book in the series Passion it got me to thinking about what Lauren’s favourite moments are and which pull on your heartstrings moments were her favourite to write so without further ado let’s take a look! Lauren has chosen a favourite interaction that represents the title of each book including a sneak peak from upcoming novels Passion and even the final book in the series Rapture!

Fallen: I really loved writing the scene under the peach tree at the Sword and Cross cemetery--where Daniel first tells Luce about their history. She doesn’t believe him at first. She is standing up to leave when he pulls her back and goes into a long catalog of memories of all their lives together. To Luce, the details are impossible--but they also ring a bell somewhere in the back of her soul. For me, this is the moment when Luce stops lusting over Daniel and actually falls in love with him. (I didn’t realize at the time that this list of lives would eventually give me a backbone of the narrative for Passion, but all the lives are there.)

Torment: Torment is a growing-pains book for Luce. Her interactions with Daniel are limited and, most of the time, pretty frustrating. For the book to work and for Luce to grow, they have to argue a lot, which was tough for me to write. I would have much rather they get along. The scene where Daniel pulls her away from the party on the beach is pivotal because it’s romantic (they’re dancing on the ocean together), and because it shows how hard they’re both trying not to fight. They argue over Luce dying her hair--and she knows is dumb even in that moment, but she can’t help herself from getting angry. This rang true to me; I can be particularly stubborn in an argument. Its a big part of what pushes her character further--first further from Daniel, then ultimately, closer to him.

Passion: Passion is a steamy, steamy book. My favorite Luce and Daniel moment is one of the steamiest of the series. I won’t tell you what happens, but I will say it takes place in Helston, England--a redux of the prologue from Fallen--and it’s the most wrenching kiss I’ve ever written.

Rapture: I just finished the first draft of Rapture and already, I can’t wait until it comes out. This book is the first one that woke me up at night. There’d be a little voice in my head saying, “Make sure you don’t forget this!” and “How are you going to explain that?” There is one particularly rapturous moment in the book, a dialogue between Luce and Daniel. Again, I’ll have to be a little bit mysterious about the details for now, but I will say it was the first time I’ve ever cried during the writing process, and all of that emotion is poured right into the book.

Big thank you’s to Lauren for stopping by the blog today! I have to agree that Lauren’s favourite moments are some of mine too especially the scene on the beach in Torment *swoons* and I’m so excited to see what beautiful moments await our couple in Rapture! I recently had the pleasure of reading Passion early and let me tell you guys it’s the most romantic book of the series so far! Chock full of gorgeous, tender moments between Luce and Daniel. I’ll have a review for Passion going up before the release date so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that!

The next stop on the Passion blog tour will be with my good friend Ellie at Musings of a Bookshop Girl so make sure you stop by there tomorrow! Passion will be released in the UK on 23 June. For a full list of bloggers taking part on the rest of the tour I’ve included this banner, be sure to stop by :-)


  1. OH MY Freakin God I NEED NEED NEED Rapture NOW. I compleately LOVE this series

  2. Great post! I love all these moments too! Can't wait for RAPTURE :D

  3. I just want to know what this steamy scene is in Passion....hmmm!!

  4. I know right? I'm so excited for Rapture! Lauren is such a tease ;)

  5. l actually thought Passion was the last one but l am glad to hear it isn't! =)

  6. I love the scene at the beach in Torment too. Swoon!!

  7. i read passion! toootaly EPIC!!!! omfg!!!!

  8. Lauren Kate ur are my alltime favorite author! I could read ur books over and over. Fallan and tormaent were absoultly beyond amazing! :) And extremely romantic. But Wehn I started reading Passion it was the first time I started crying!;) I just couldnt believe it! I luv how daniel keeps on getting closer and closer to Luce! It keeps getting my hopes up. And i cant stop reading because I want to find out if Daniel will catch up tp Luce!!!! u have to write a fifth book after rapture! palease!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant believe someone could be so talented and come up with such an unbelievable idea! I cannot stop reading ur books! And it would be AMAZING if u made it into a movie! omg! That would be the COOLEST thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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