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Random Ramblings 3: My Top 10 Bookish Peeves and Loves

Hi guys I haven’t posted in over a week because my pups been ill. He’s had to have an operation and since then I’ve been keeping a very close eye on him! He’s on the mend now but just as he’s started to get better I’ve been struck down with a cold! I really wanted to do a post today but my brains not quite functioning well enough to write a review so I’ve decided to do a fun random rambling on 10 of my book related peeves and loves, I hope you enjoy them!

1.) Brand new damaged/dirty books. I don’t know how many of you have experienced this but I HATE it when I go into a bookshop to buy a book and there’s one copy left and it’s really dirty. Sometimes there can be a big crack down the spine where somebody’s opened it or the bottom of the pages can be dirty thanks to dusty shelves. When I’m paying for a brand new copy I like it to look just that- brand new! When there’s a gross looking book left over and I REALLY want the book I can get pretty mad.

2.) People talking to me when I read. I hate when people try to strike up a conversation when I’m trying to read my book. Okay so some people read as a pass time because there’s nothing better to do but I’m NOT the kind of person who’ll put their book down when “something better comes up” or someone comes along to talk to.

3.) People who tell other people what or how they should be reading. I’m a big believer in letting people read what they want to read without shame and I really hate it when people try to push books on to other people telling them that’s what they SHOULD be reading. I also hate it when people get onto others about having e-readers or dog earring pages. I personally like to keep my books as neat as possible but if I see somebody dog ear their own books it doesn’t make me cringe like it does some people. I don’t care HOW people read I just care that they read.

4.) Gross second hand books. See above. I’m talking suspicious stains, bound together by tape books. No matter how cheap the deal I just cannot do it *shrugs* personal preference.

5.) Book sellers who know nothing about the books their selling. You know the kind. Ask them for a recommendation and they point you straight towards the charts and bestsellers no matter what books you say you like.

6.) People who smoke whilst borrowing your books. I have nothing against smokers but smoking whilst reading a borrowed book is horrible. Ruins the lovely bookish smell AND makes the pages yellow.

7.) Book snobs. You know the kind of people who make it their mission to read every classic ever written and indulge in obscure literature. I don’t mind if that’s what people enjoy reading in fact I’m all for it but I hate when people turn their noses up at those who don’t read or enjoy the fancy pants stuff.

8.) Mothers/fathers who let their children run riot in bookshops and libraries throwing books everywhere and STANDING on them! I’m all for kids enjoying themselves looking for a new book and deeply encourage it but some kids really push the boundaries on having fun and making the place look like an earthquake hit.

9.) Covers that change! There’s nothing that I hate more than when your half way through a series and the publishers decide to give the covers a makeover.

10.) Series that go on forever. I’m talking 8 books or over, I mean really do we need that many? I’m looking at you Gossip Girl, Morganville Vampires, House of Night and Pretty Little Liars!

1.) Bookmarks! I’m a huge lover and collector of bookmarks. You’ll never see me cram a bit of paper in to mark my book I even select the bookmark I’m going to use based on the book. I really like it when they match. For instance right now I’m reading Die For Me by Amy Plum and I’m using an I love Paris bookmark.

2.) New book smell. I love the smell of books with a passion.

3.) Relaxing with a book. Reading is definitely my favourite way to unwind. There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting a drink be that glass of wine/ hot chocolate/ diet coke and running a bubble bath/snuggling up in bed/ laying out on the grass and getting lost in someone else’s story.

4.) The anticipation of a new release you’ve been pining for. Whether you receive the book early for review or go to the bookstore and buy it on its release date nothing beats that feeling of holding a book you desperately want and have waited ages for in your hands for the first time.

5.) Talking about books. Especially now that I’m part of the blogosphere there’s nothing I love more than a good book discussion with blogger pals on twitter!

6.) Spreading the book love. I love doing giveaways or swapping or lending my books especially when I have read and loved the book I can’t wait to share the experience with somebody else.

7.) My Kindle. I never thought I would be but I’m a big fan of my kindle, I find it easier to read on there and always enjoy downloading the cheap/free books off Amazon!

8.) This brings me on to my next love cheap books. Whether there from a charity shop, second hand shop, Amazon or special offer in a book shop nothing beats those book bargains!

9.) The feeling after you’ve just closed a really great book where you feel content and happy and the story’s still going through your mind.

10.) Lastly it has to be books themselves. Although I love my kindle nothing for me beats the smells and feel of a book. I love the pretty covers and having them on my bookshelf so I can look and see how many books I’ve read. Books themselves are so special and I treasure every single one of mine :)

So those are just a few of some of my top bookish peeves and loves. Do any of them make your top 10’s? Are there any you think I’ve missed out? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to drop me a comment with some of your own loves and peeves :-)


  1. This is a fab list,I really enjoyed reading it!I especially agree with number 3 and 4 on your favourites list.Today I got 'Jessie Heart NYC' and 'Hourglass'in the post both of which I've been anticipating for absolutely ages!

  2. I honestly just agreed with everything you said, except for the Kindle one seeing as I don't have one yet :P. But I especially hate book snobs and people who try to tell you what kind of books you SHOULD be reading. Just because something is a classic, doesn't mean it's the best story in the world. That really does annoy me. I also love bookmarks and that new book smell - and I hate changing covers! I own the semi-new covers for the Artemis Fowl series and they've only gone and changed them again <_<.

  3. Love this post!
    I agree with all of this.
    I hate buying a brand new book and it being damaged!! Grr.
    Also hate being spoken to when reading, l often tell my BF l am reading and to shh! lol
    Cheap books and the feeling after finishing an amazing book, LOVE IT! =)

  4. I could have written this list lol! I'm in the same frame of mind on everything. Especially on covers that change mid-way through a series- looking at you Spook's Apprentice!

    A tip on the last book in a bookshop that is damaged/dirty and you really want it yesterday, show the person on the till and ask them if you can have a discount on it if it's the only book left. I've always been given a 10-15% discount.

  5. Great list! I *hate* it when bookshops have a later book in the series in stock and not the earlier books! HOW pointless. I also hate it when the later books are in a 3for2 or similar deal and the earlier books aren't...but I see the reasoning behind that one.
    totally with you on the book covers front that's my biggest pet peeve. Though what bugs me more in changes to the size of the book.
    The sookie ones are a prime example, I've got the first 6 in small paperbacks and the latter ones in large hardbacks. and NONE of the hardbacks have matching covers! GRRRRR

    The Cait Files

  6. Wonderful article!! I agree with you. Totally agree on the book snobbery. As a parent I have spent so much time trying to teach my kids the love of reading, so to me as long as they are reading they are learning and enjoying. I would never choose for them because they wouldn't enjoy it, so I dislike it when people have a problem with my books (especially the whole "you're too old for YA" arguement).
    Being able to read is a gift!

  7. Great list! I would agree with most of your list, but I welcome people asking me about the book if I'm reading. If they are just trying to chat me up it'll drive me nuts. My husband often shouts "Watch that play." while I'm reading and he's watching sports so that would my biggest pet peeve.

  8. Great post!

    I think we have very similar loves and hates! :)

  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I see a lot of you have the same loves and peeves that I do :)

    Emma- Thank you so much for the tip on damaged books! I'll have to give that a try next time I'm in the "one book left but its in terrible condition" situation!

    Cait- Totally agree about when the books are different sizes I can't stand those large paperbacks mucking up my series!

    Rie- I have no problem with someone approaching me asking me about the book I'm reading and if its any good (unless I'm at the end or on a crucial part and then I give them the stink eye for interrupting a prime moment!) I love discussing books and if I can get someone else interested in the book I'm glad. What I'm referring more to is the random conversations and people trying to get you to put your book down to talk. Unless the worlds about to end or the buildings burning down damn it leave me alone to read! :P

  10. I could not have put it better myself. What a fab post. I agree with everything you say.

  11. I loved this post!! I don't collect bookmarks, but I detest when people fold down corners in books.

  12. I read that post saying, yep, me too, and that, aha yep, all the way through LOL. Great post!

  13. Awesome post! Have to agree with all the peeves! The loves though is another story ;) You bring a book into the bath with you :O OMO the steam! The straight turned wrinkly pages! *faints* Great post again though :)


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