Thursday, 14 July 2011

Update! It’s the END! :-(

So this is literally just a VERY quick update to let you guys know that you can expect few to maybe no blog posts from me for the rest of this week and next because I’m trying to spend as little time online as possible . With the last Harry Potter movie coming out (eek!) I don’t want to risk seeing any spoilers (even though I know how it’s going to end) until I’ve had chance to see it myself next weekend with my best friend Rachel when she’s back off holiday.

I also just started Forever by Maggie Stiefvater last night (OMFGITSGOODSOFAR!!!) I’m super busy at the moment but really want to spend what little free time I have DEVOURING this last book in one of my favourite series and re-watching all of the Potter films before I go and see the last one.

So basically I might post in the next week I might not I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case you wondered where I was. I’m so excited (and sad) for the end of two huge series that I love. Damn you Warner Brothers for making me grieve for Harry Potter TWICE in my life, I barely survived the first time with the books and now with the films *sniffs*. Anyway I want to keep this short and sweet so I can go and READ FOREVER! *freaks* as book lovers I hope you understand this need for no spoilers comes before anything else even my beloved blog and I’ll see you all when it’s OVER! *crys*

Happy reading until next time,

Jess x

P.S If anyone decides to leave spoilers in the comments I WILL hunt you down and Avada Kedavra your ass.


  1. Harry Potter grows a third leg. *runs* DON'T KILL ME!!!

    Hahah. I'm just kidding. He's not getting a third leg... I think... Wait, what did you think I meant when I said third "leg"? Creepy...

  2. Enjoy your little Hiatus!

  3. I can't wait for the movie, going to see it at 1pm (GMT) tomorrow, VIP seating booked, extra legroom for the boyfriend.

    Enjoy your hiatus!

  4. OOH! When I saw your blog post heading, I thought...OH NO!!...but you're not leaving blogging! Yea!!! It's the end of HP! you meant!!

  5. I love Harry Potter! Seriously, I am obsessed. Anyway, have fun at the week! :)

  6. Love this cover of Forever! I can not even watch that speech by JK Rowling yet... I am afraid I will cry!


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