Thursday, 9 February 2012

An Apology

Dear faithful blog readers,

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks without warning and I apologise for that. Basically my personal life kind of took over everything, first with getting sick, then with it being my birthday, then with going on a mini break, then with getting into a reading slump, into then caring for my dad who has a leg injury. So that’s what’s been keeping me from the blog these past few weeks but I’m hoping things will continue to settle down now so I can get back into blogging, I’ve really missed it!

To get things back on track I’m going to first be concentrating on catching up with all of the reviews for the books I’ve been reading. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed a single book that I’ve read this year! I’ve been reading some great and not so great books so I’m looking forward to telling you guys all about that and recommending some new 2012 titles! So yeah this is going to be a strictly review zone until I’m up to date, which I’ve got to admit I’m excited about as writing reviews are pretty much my favourite thing to do on the blog! I may also do some sneaky In My Mailboxes if things go well as with going to Oxford- home land of bookish awesome, my birthday, and weeks worth of book hauls missed I have a lot to show you guys although sadly I might not be able to show them all as I really have had SO many make a new home with me these last few weeks.

So can you guys forgive me? I’m sorry I’ve been a sucky blogger and forgot to be awesome. But I’m here now, if you’ll have me. Watch this space for the first of an abundance of reviews going up tomorrow; it will be happening, promise.

Happy reading till next time,

Jess x


  1. Oh, I hear ya sweetie! Real life has most definitely been getting in the way of reading and blogging time for me. A reading slump, a Liverpool trip, a Birmingham trip, a little writing, some shopping, the discovery of a TV catchup website showing all my 90s favourites, a whole lot of music buying... Well, at least I'm reading again, but it's rather more slow-going than usual. As long as I'm enjoying it I don't mind too much! :)

    Good to have you back - and do pick out some of your fave new acquisitions to show us, I'm living vicariously through everyone else for a while until I've shifted a few more off my shelves! *she says optimistically* ;)

    1. Yeah I blame the cold weather myself! When it's all snowy out I just want to snuggle up and do nothing with my free time but try and keep warm! I will certainly be showing some of the books I'm really excited for in my next IMM, I've got some real gems waiting for me!

  2. Looking forward to hearing these reviews. Don't worry about being MIA I think sometimes life will get in the way and you just have to look after yourself. Welcome back


    1. Thanks for the welcome back Lainy! I've been spending the day scheduling some reviews so there will be plenty coming up over the next few days :)


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