Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Wrap Up Read-A-Thon: Days 6 and 7 Update

The Summer Wrap Up Read-A-Thon is hosted by Jennifer at Some Like It Paranormal and Jude at In Between.

What I Read: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky & Spellbound by Rachel Hawkins
Number of Pages Read: 406
Pages Read Total: 1872
Books Read Total: 5
Challenge: No
Reading Snacks: I haven't had any chocolate for 2 weeks now because with my asthma it tends to aggravate it but since I'm feeling better I treated myself to one GIANT triple chocolate chip muffin and it was delicious! I'm a real chocolate lover so it was so good to eat something chocolaty again and it was only after I finished it that I realised I didn't get a snack picture...ooops! Guess I just couldn't wait to eat it!
Non Reading Activity: So yesterday I didn't do an update because I fully intended to get out in the sunshine with my book but then it clouded over and it just didn't happen so instead I spent a big chunk of yesterday watching Pretty Little Liars and Lost but I still managed to fit in a good chunk of Spellbound before bed too so overall although it may not have been the best reading day it was a good day.
Thoughts: 5 books down! I really enjoyed Perks and I'm excited to hopefully tackle the rest of Spellbound today and see how this series ends! It would be great if after Spellbound I could squeeze in one more book before the ‘thon’s over but we'll see how we go...


  1. Ooh, it makes me happy you liked Perks! Such an awesome book :) Hope you enjoy's seriously crazy/awesome :D You've done so well on the readathon, I want to have one!!!

    1. They're so much fun Iffath! Definitely take part in the next one :) Perks and Spellbound were both ace :D


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