Thursday, 23 August 2012

Update: A Post Full Of Plaguey-ness

So since my last post was 10 days ago I figured some of you might be starting to wonder where I’ve been and it’s taken me 10 days to summon the energy to write this one single update which might give you an idea of just how crappy I’ve been feeling. If you follow me on twitter you may know that I’ve been ill with several things back to back for a few week’s now from a cold to my asthma playing up to whooping cough to a current ear infection my body has been full of plague yuckyness lately and after three weeks of being ill I’m beginning to forget what normal feels like, seriously guys I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep with my cough and now my cough AND my earache keeping me awake at all hours.

I’m on a load of different medication and between antibiotics and only having a few hours’ sleep a night I couldn’t string together a coherent review if I tried. I’ve put off and put off doing this post as I was so sure I’d be better soon but it just seems to be one thing after another so I’ve decided to take a blogging break for a few week’s so I can rest and get my immune system back into shape. I go on holiday in 2 week’s so I definitely want to be feeling better for that and then I was going to take a blogging break whilst I was away anyway so hopefully when I return on the 15th September I’ll be feeling much better and can get back to normal.

You guys have no idea how sucky I’ve been feeling with all this illness (or you might if you’ve seen my Moaning Myrtle tweets!) and how frustrated I am to be having to take such a long break from the blog especially as I was supposed to be taking part in Review Copy Cleanup this month but after a lot of thought I thought it would be wise to use the next two weeks to rest up.

I’m going to wrap up there and stop rambling on so I can go back to sleep, I hope you guys understand that I need to look after me for a while and as much as I love blogging and see it as a fun hobby not a chore it does take up so much time and focus when what I need to be focusing on right now is getting better.

I hope you all enjoy those last few weeks of summer, stay well, and happy reading till next time guys! See you in a few weeks!


  1. Have a good holiday and I really hope you feel better soon! x

  2. Awww hope you feel better soon Jess! Take all the time you need and hopefully the small break will help too! Look forward to reading your posts when you get back! :)

  3. Poor sweetie pie, you definitely need some proper rest and recuperation time to look after yourself. A blog is supposed to be a fun hobby; you don't want to be stuck in front of a computer tying your brain in knots when you're not well. Take all the time you need - and have fun on holiday, sounds like we'll both be taking a vacation week at the same time! Really hope you're back on your feet in time to have a lovely time away, love ya sweets, xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon lovely. Enjoy your break and have a great holiday x

  5. I hope you have a lovely holiday and feel better soon!

  6. Awh, I'll miss you but take the time to get better, it must have been so frustrating for you these past few weeks, I have had jaw pain for 2 weeks now that hurts when I eat and I have been getting so frustrated as it just won't go, its really been getting me down, I've been on holiday for a week and its really ruined it so hopefully you'll be fighting fit for yours and I look forward to you posting mid-September! :)

  7. I know I'm super late, but I hope you feel better! :) Enjoy your vacation and your blogging break! It's good to get away every now and then, ESPECIALLY if you're sick. Take care of yourself!

  8. I really hope you're starting to feel better Jess :) take your time coming back xx


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