Saturday, 29 June 2013

Debutathon Updates: Day 2 and 3

The Debutathon is hosted by the wonderful Amber from Books of Amber. Check out my Day 1 Update here.

Day 2 Updates
What I Read: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
Number of Pages Read: 296
Pages Read Total: 639
Books Read Total: 2
Challenge: No
Reading Snack:

Today I tried the Graze healthy popcorn in slightly sweet. I tried their salted version a few weeks back and it was left me with a very dry mouth and tasted like cardboard after a while. But popcorn is my favourite go to snack especially for readathon's so I decided to try the sweet version and I'm so glad I did because it was perfection! I only really like cinema popcorn as other brands can be over sweet and sickly but this version by Graze was perfect, I think because it is only slightly sweet. I'll definitely be having this again!

Non Reading Activity: I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory and another couple of Youtube video's but once again I was going pretty strong with my book so didn't want to dip out of it too often!

Thoughts: Another day, another book tackled, and it was another brilliant one! I'm going strong so my goal of reading 3 books should be reachable. I wasn't off to the best start today as I was having one of those days where nothing will go right and then my huge pile of books by my bed finally fell down (I saw it coming for a while) so I had to sort through them and make the hard decision of which books to get rid of and that took a couple of hours of my time up. But luckily I had another brilliant book on hand so that reading was a breeze and somehow I managed to finish it - hurray! BTW if any of you have If You Find Me on your TBR for this readathon you need to read it! It's one of the best debut's I have ever read! It's haunting, beautiful, heartbreaking...but if you pick it up be prepared to have your heart stomped all over! I'm still picking my feels up off the floor this morning.

Day 3 Updates 
What I Read: Altered by Jennifer Rush
Number of Pages Read: 250
Pages Read Total: 889
Books Read Total: 2
Challenge: Yes

Poemify That Debut!

I loved this challenge something fierce! I think I might be too late to enter the giveaway for this one but I wanted to join in anyway because this is the kind of thing I love! 

Reading Snack: 

Today's snack was a little disappointing. I had the sweet goan curry crackers from Graze but honestly they just tasted like a sweet cereal to me! I'm a big lover of spices the spicier the better! I was expecting an underlining kick with this one but they just tasted sweet to me. They were okay but not a favourite from Graze!

Non Reading Activity: I watched one of my favourite movies We Bought a Zoo, wrote today's challenge, and hung out with my family.

Thoughts: Today wasn't as productive a reading day as the last two days mostly because everyone was home so I kept getting distracted! I'm still on track for finishing three books though so I'm still on target and I'm enjoying Altered. I really hope I get some answers at the end of this book because I have so many questions! In other news I won one of the Debutathon giveaway's and have £10 to spend at The Book Depository! Now I just need to decide what to choose so I can get back to Amber...


  1. Popcorn is also my go-to snack. The saltier the better for me!

    Sounds like I need to add If You Find Me to my TBR! :)

    1. My favourite is having it mixed! A little sweet, a little salty, perfect!

      You really do! It's a beautiful book!

  2. I agree, I love popcorn. I've never really liked the sweet version, but since this one is only 'slightly' sweet, I might have to check it out and see if it's any better. :)

    1. I really liked it! I'll sometimes sprinkle a little salt on to get that mixed flavour I love!

  3. Agreed on the popcorn thing. After having only had cinema popcorn and Graze popcorn for a while, and fruit and Graze snacks without all the sugar overload, I went back to Butterkist on my day off the other day and it tasted awful in comparison! TOO MUCH SUGAR.

    Congrats on another book down, and I sincerely hope that if you were present when your book pile collapsed you did something awesome like pull your feet up and shut your eyes so you didn't have to watch, or maybe shouted NOOOOOO! or GEROOOONIMMOOOOOO! Because that's totally what I would do. :)

    1. Yeah, the Butterkist one is the next best after cinema and Graze but I can only have a handful at a time because it's just too sickly sweet!

      Oh I was present! They landed on me! Instead of protecting myself I was catching what books I could in my arms as they fell on me.

    2. Aaah, the 'my babies!' response... I hadn't thought of that! Congrats on your competition win, choose wisely. I think I might have my Graze sweet popcorn today, I'm in an EAT ALL THE THINGS mood so it'll give me something to pick at for the rest of the day!

    3. I went for a pre-order of a book I really want! I'm trying to only buy books that I really can't do without at the minute because I really need to get my TBR down. Yum! I hope I get some more of their popcorn soon!


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