Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Tale of a Book Addict. An Introduction.

Like myself many of you reading this may be addicted to all things books. Reading them, buying them, winning them, reviewing them, listening to them, reading about them. And I - like so many of you - got caught in this web unawares. Here is my confession. Here I was just an innocent teen looking to escape the suckiness of teenhood in a good book, So I wonder to the bookshop pick up a couple of books and devour them that very weekend. Afterward I was aware of this hunger. This gaping hole in me that needed to be filled by – yes - more books. So I decide to look online for some recommendations and find a couple of books that tickle my fancy so off I go to the bookshop again and repeat my actions only this time I find out that the books I’ve just read are part of a series so then I go again and buy the next two in said series then via amazing websites such as librarything and goodreads I meet bookish friends who say ‘well if you liked that I bet you’ll enjoy this’ which I then go out and buy and find that that’s part of a series too and if I like that one I would also like this author who has a couple of other books out, until one day I look around me and I have hundreds of books to be read. Piled up all over my room so that it’s hard to actually move around in there. It was at that point that I found that my reading had become an addiction and like all addictions it had to be nipped in the bud immediately. So at the start of this year that’s exactly what I tried to do - and failed. I found that I didn’t *want* to stop. I loved everything about it. The book buying, the reading, the reviewing the discussing. So I figured I could have worse addictions right? Reading isn’t really that bad if you don’t think about your bank balance, and so I have decided to give in to my nature and embrace my bookish ways for the good of others. So thus begins my journey of ramblings about my bookish ways via this blog. If you’re trying to not buy so many books this isn’t the blog for you instead this blog is a celebration of books and their lovers. So lets here it are ya with me?! Book lovingly yours Jessica ♥
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