Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Review for Forget You by Jennifer Echols

I’d never read anything by Jennifer Echols before until Forget You even though I’ve heard plenty of good things about her books. When I found out what this book was about I knew I had to get it as it sounded like my kind of book. That and the beautiful summery cover which will look gorgeous on my bookshelf - always a bonus! So I pre-ordered it a few weeks before it was due to come out and found myself counting down the days until its release date. Lucky for me Amazon sent it out to me early so I got to read it a little before it came out in stores. It didn’t disappoint. Zoey is perfect. Or at least she likes to appear that way. She makes good grades at school. Has started a relationship with popular gorgeous Brandon and plays the part of the perfect daughter. Little does everybody know that Zoey’s life isn’t so perfect. Her father has got his twenty four year old girlfriend pregnant with love child behind her mom’s back and her mom’s not coping so well with the break up. In fact she recently tried to take her own life. Something Zoey wants to keep private, even from her closest friends. Zoey would love to forget all of these things. Then Zoey’s in a car crash and the next day she can’t remember the entire night before. Afraid to admit her amnesia to anyone after her dad threatens to get her sectioned like her mom Zoey sets off to try and find out what happened that night on her own. Why is bad boy Doug acting like something significant happened that night? And why does it feel like Brandon’s avoiding her? Controlled perfect Zoey is coming apart and it looks like she’s going to have to get some answers and find out some truths in order to get it together. I really enjoyed this book. Zoey felt like a very real character and I loved watching how Doug and Zoey’s relationship developed. The book deals with some serious issues but still manages to keep the story easy and light to read. I didn’t really like Doug at first but by the end I adored him which just goes to show how good Jennifer Echols is at developing her characters. The reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars though was because I found the ending a little too happy. As I mentioned before the book dealt with some serious issues and I felt like the ending was a little too convenient given the circumstances, and I felt like the ending should have been more hopeful than happy as it just didn’t seem to gel with the feel of the rest of the book. Other than that I found this to be a great read and will definitely be reading more books by Jennifer Echols in the future. I just wish they’d publish them here in the UK! 4 stars. My Rating 4/5 stars ****


  1. I'm reading this one right now and am enjoying it. Glad to see you did too! That sucks about them not having many Jennifer Echols books in the UK. Going Too Far is a must read by her. :)

  2. Lovely review. I'm planning to read this one soon, and I have to agree that the UK really should be publishing Jennifer Echols' books. I have no idea why she's not widely available over here because she's brilliant!


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