Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Book Hauling Road Trip Take Two; Vlogs, Mockingjay and More...

Hi guys! I’m finally getting my post for the road trip up! I wanted to get it up sooner but I had reviews to do and things so I’m finally getting around to it now. Last week I went to visit my best friend and fellow book blogger Rachel and when were together we end up buying a ton of books! We also went to visit the lovely Ellie and her book shop Book End and Ellie very kindly let us pick out whatever books we wanted for free which was awesome! Sadly it’s going to be the last time I see them both for a while with Rach heading back to Uni soon and all but plans for a Christmas stop over at Ellie’s is already in the works so I’m very much looking forward to that already! I love both of those girls dearly and just wish we lived closer so I could see them more often! I guess it just makes our rare meet ups even more special though :) Anyway me and Rach made some vlog’s which tell you a little bit about what we got up to so instead of repeating myself I’ll just post them on here for your viewing pleasure ;) The first video is a Mockingjay squee on our first reactions on seeing the book and buying it. This was before we read it so don’t worry, no spoilers! Then the second a book haul. Hope you enjoy!


  1. You are both so funny! Enjoyed watching your vlogs!

  2. Oh and I meant that in a totally nice way too ... made me smile!

  3. Squee Fest? Haha

    Check me out

  4. Haha glad you enjoyed them Rhiana! :) Oh and I forgot to mention that the last vlog cuts off - I dont know why :(


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