Friday, 10 December 2010

Review for Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison

I actually bought Sing Me To Sleep a while back when I was really into fairy tale re-telling’s. This book is a re-telling of my all-time favourite fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. So with it being Winter I was drawn to this books gorgeous snowy cover and picked it up intending to read only a couple of pages to see if I should put it on my Winter to be read pile and before I knew it I was 50 pages in and totally loving it so instead of placing it on my to be read pile it went straight to my current read. Were first introduced to Beth more famously known at her high school as “The Beast” due to her freakishly tall height, bad skin, bad hair, bad everything. She gets very severely bullied by some of the most popular boys at school and her days are only made bearable by the presence of best friend, nerdy but ever increasingly handsome Scott who loves and accepts Beth for who she is. Scott believes that Beth is beautiful. Beth knows that the only thing beautiful about her is her voice. She sings at Bliss girls’ choir but has never stood out from the crowd because of the way she looks that is until her choir’s soloist gets sick and Beth takes her place. Competing at a worldwide event in Switzerland, Beth knows that the only way she can sing in front of the world is to get a drastic makeover, so with help from the girls from Bliss Beth transforms from Beast to Beauty. Her appearance finally matching the beauty of her voice. It’s during her trip that she meets Derek whose choir is also competing. Derek first falls in love with Beth’s voice, then Beth herself and Beth can’t help but fall for this guy who makes her feel so so beautiful. But Derek has a few secrets he’s not telling Beth. Secrets that could shatter their happy ever after… What really sucked me into this book was Angela Morrison’s writing. She has a really beautiful way of telling a story that has you truly enchanted. I wasn’t sure how crazy I’d be about this book not being a huge fan of Beth’s type of music but I really found myself enjoying it because that’s only really the background for the story there so much more to it than that. This book isn’t a hugely accurate telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale other than the gorgeous romance, Beth’s transformation and a small rose scene it pretty much ends there. Instead Angela Morrison creates her own beautiful fairy tale that I very much enjoyed reading. Above all Sing Me To Sleep is a beautiful love story. There’s not much I can really say about it without giving everything away. It has a really beautiful, poetic, thought out plot. It’s a real tear jerker and funnily enough I found myself thinking- especially towards the end- that it reads very much like a Nicholas Sparks novel for teens. Its tragically romantic and very potent and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a gorgeous, engrossing love story not just about finding love with someone but also about finding love for yourself. 4.5 stars. My Rating 4.5/5 stars ****1/2


  1. dang you got me! This is getting plumped onto the wishlist *shakes fist half-heartedlly* great review hun x

  2. Great review! Adding it to my wish list now!

  3. OH I had no idea it was a fairy tale retelling, how interesting! It's been on my wishlist for awhile, I've heard such good things about it!


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