Thursday, 29 July 2010

Booking Through Thursday

Which fictional character (or group of characters) would you like to spend a day at the beach with? Why would he/she/they make good beach buddies? I’d have to say Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah from The summer I turned pretty and It’s not summer without you. Both books I read earlier this year and loved as summer reads. Since reading the books I’ve wanted desperately to spend a summer at Cousins Beach with Belly and her summer boys. They’d make the perfect beach buddies. I’d sunbathe with Belly and chase the boys in the water then as the sun begins to set I’d sit Belly down for a heart to heart and give her advice on which boy to go for then I’d watch her go and tell that boy how she feels and watch them kiss as the sun sets. I of course would then go and console the other brother :P Conrad or Jeremiah I really wouldn’t mind which! I loved this weeks question please leave me a link with your answers for this week :)


  1. Gah is it really bad of me that I don't actually like Belly all that much? I just found her really whiny and bratty and I thought she went for the wrong brother :P
    Also I noticed that the plot to the Summer I Turned Pretty was bizarrely similar to the Boys Next Door - have you started the Endless Summer bind-up yet? x

  2. I know this is lame but I have the say The Cullens. LOL!~~!!!

  3. Meh I just found Belly kind of young and na├»ve like she needed some guidance but I liked her more in the second book she seemed more mature. Yeah when I found out what Endless summer was about I was like wow crazy similar! I think I like Jeremiah more than Conrad, but the Conrad in my head is REALLY hot :P Not yet I’ve started some adult chick lit with The Sisterhood by Emily Barr for something a bit different so I’m going to either read it next or a paranormal book and then that next. I kinda want a nice weekend to read it on though *looks out of window at the rain* :(

  4. Savannah- Lol! Imagine all the sparkles- pretty! :) Plus Emmette or Jasper could rub lotion on me anyday!

  5. YEa I'm gonna have to borrow the second book off the sisterly figure when she's done with it so we'll see how things go with Belly (which is a *ridiculous* name! sheesh!).
    Oh and I'm working on a double review for shiver and Linger which will either be up tonight or tomorrow depending on how long I gush about Sam Roth :P
    Yea a sunny weekend would be fab cos I'm just not getting much vitamin D these days and that means my tan is going to fade!! *le gasp* lol like it was much of a tan in the first place

  6. Haha it really is, its cute sounding but I just get the image of THE belly which makes it weird. Ooh I can't wait did you check out the linger vid I posted on here? I still watch it at least once a day. Noooo Sam is mine!!!! Seriously though he's the PERFECT guy bookish boys are just the best. What did you think to Cole? Am I the only person who didn’t like him? Yeah it’s much needed!

  7. Yea I've seen the Linger trailer before, Maggie actually made one for Shiver as well, it's on her youtube channel.
    hehe ok well if you want Sam can I haz Valek plz? :P
    Exactly books + boys = awesome!
    I didn't hate him but he wasn't my fav character, i think he was a pretty messed-up guy but not bad through and through.

  8. Yeah I like the shiver one but LOVE the linger one it’s so beautiful! *considers trade off* ok how about I have Sam you have Valek and we'll both share Dimitri ;)
    Yeah I liked him better towards the end but I definitely didn’t love him like some people. Can’t wait for forever!

  9. Ok deal :P
    Yea he's not the most lovable guy the world, a tad too arrogant sometimes for all he could be quite vulnerable. Next summer had better get here sharpish!

  10. I havent read the book or am familar with the characters. But hey, sounds like a blast. I would do the beach thing at night. Here’s mine

  11. Jess (and Rachel, since you're here!) - head by 'Musings' and pick up the award I've left for you! The Summer Blogger Award was passed onto me and now I'm passing it to you... Congrats!


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