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Scary, Spooky and Supernatural – Jess’s top pick’s for Halloween! (YA Edition)

Last year I done a post like this and it was really well received, in fact it’s one of the most viewed posts on my blog! So seems as everyone seemed to enjoy it so much I decided to do another post this year recommending those perfect Halloween reads but this time as a Young Adult edition. Because of this the books aren’t going to be as scary as say a Stephen King book like I picked last year but being a mainly Young Adult book blog I really wanted to focus on that genre this time especially because there are so many fantastic reads to choose from that fit the Halloween period perfectly! Like last year I’m bringing back the Fear Factor scale to help you find the book that has the right level of terror for you! All of these Halloween picks have been read by me and come highly recommended, only the best of the best for my readers!

Fear Factor
S-cream your pants scary! – Is someone behind me? What’s that noise? Sleeping with the lights on scary.
Terror-ific! – Oooh okay this is some scary stuff I…oh wait is that candy? mediocre scares.
Spook-tastic! - Oh man I wish my Halloween had as much spooky fun as this! Mild Halloween reading for those easily scared.

The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan
This is probably the scariest YA book that I’ve read. The Long Weekend is the story of two friends who get kidnapped and taken to a huge house far out in the middle of nowhere. What makes this so scary is the reality that these things happen in real life. An edge of your seat thriller.
Fear Factor = S-cream your pants scary!

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
Don’t be fooled by this book’s pretty, girly, cover! This is the ultimate girly Halloween read centered around a group of the meanest girls. But are they capable of murder? This one had me looking over my shoulder!
Fear Factor = S-cream your pants scary!

Soul Beach by Kate Harrison
Another one not to be judged by its cover! This one’s about a social website for the dead that seems to have our main character Alice strangely addicted after receiving an email to visit there to talk to her recently murdered sister. With parts told from the killer’s point of view this is an original and chilling thriller.
Fear Factor = S-cream your pants scary!

Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton
Blood Magic is such an eerie gothic read that’s jam packed with creepy atmospheric scenes. This is a totally original paranormal romance full of dark magic and murder. I loved this book and think it would make a fantastic Halloween read for paranormal lovers!
Fear Factor = S-cream your pants scary!

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
This dystopian book is such a thrill ride of a read and up there as one of my favourite dystopians. This has lots of death and scares in this frightenly believable future perfect for fans of The Hunger Games.
Fear Factor = Terror-ific!

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong
This is the perfect paranormal read for Halloween as its chock full of several different paranormal creatures. These kids aren’t your typical supernatural’s though, genetically engineered and super powerful their creator’s feel like they’ve made a mistake a mistake that can only be resolved by death…
Fear Factor = Terror-ific!

Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon
This is a completely original, gothic, supernatural read with a whole new take on a brand new supernatural creature. This book is set in a gothic boarding school that studies the dead language of Latin amongst other strange things. A captivating gothic love story.
Fear Factor = Terror-ific!

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
Haunting Violet is the perfect historical ghost story. Violet’s never believed in ghosts after spending her life working for her fraudulent medium mother but with a murder mystery going on, and the murdered girl in question haunting her Violet will have to start believing in ghosts because they believe in her.
Fear Factor = Terror-ific!

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
This book is definitely a more fun Halloween read what with loveable and girly heroine Evie. Don’t be fooled by Evie’s girly exterior and pink Taser though this girl can seriously kick some ass and has to as it’s her job to keep the paranormal creatures in line and protect humans but with her unique powers which category fits Evie? Human or supernatural?
Fear Factor = Spook-tastic!

Velvet by Mary Hooper
Velvet is a gorgeous historical ghost story set in the Victorian/Edwardian period when spiritualism was at its peak. This is a fascinating read that takes an in depth look into the medium and spiritual craze, are the ghostly encounters Velvet is witnessing fake? Or the real deal?
Fear Factor = Spook-tastic!

To find out more about any of these books click on the title and the link will take you to the books page on goodreads for a synopsis, reviews, and more information.

So there you have it my recommended Halloween reading! I hope some of you decide to check these out for some spooky reading and whatever you’re doing this Halloween- whether it’s trying to hunt down a hot vampire for the night, or snuggling up with lots of goodies, some films and a book I hope you all have a great time enjoying the most paranormal night of the year!


  1. I love these sort of posts - full of fab recommendations. My wish list has just grown massivly! I've got Soul Beach on my TBR pile already and I'm really looking forward to it now :-)

  2. I'm just about to curl up with The Long Weekend. Hope it's not too scary for me!!

  3. Some amazing books here, I loved Velvet, Haunting Violet and blood magic! But I never realised that the Lying Game had a scary element! It's made me want it even more!

  4. One More Page- I love them too! You should check out Soul Beach soon it's really good!

    Leanna- Haha! Hopefully not but that's all in the spirit of Halloween right? ;)

    Raimy- The Lying Game really does I didn't expect to be so creeped out by it!

  5. Fantastic post and some great recommendations! I really want to read Soul Beach....!!


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