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Dangerous Boys Blog Tour: Q&A with Abigail Haas and Giveaway!

Today I'm kicking off the Dangerous Boys blog tour with a chat with author Abigail Haas on dangerous love triangles, how much is too much in YA and what fans of Dangerous Girls can expect from Dangerous Boys AND I'm giving you lucky lot the chance to win one of three copies! Sound good? Then let's get started!

Q&A with Abigail Haas

1.) Your first YA Thriller Dangerous Girls was a huge success. Did you always plan to write another thriller? Or was it because of Dangerous Girls that you wanted to write another in the genre?
I really enjoyed writing Dangerous Girls, it flexed a different writing muscle to the ones I use writing romance and teen comedies. I love plotting to shock and disturb the reader, and delve deeper into the dark side of our psychology, so I knew I wanted to keep exploring those uncomfortable truths. I couldn’t wait to dive in again!

2.) What can fans of Dangerous Girls expect from Dangerous Boys? In what ways are they similar or different?
Dangerous Girls was a twisty ride with lots of plot surprises. Dangerous Boys is twisted too, but I think the shocks come from character revelations and the darkness I explore in Chloe, Ethan and Oliver. It’s more of a psychological suspense, although there are still dead bodies and heart-stopping moments too.

3.) What sparked the idea behind Dangerous Boys?
There’s been a trend for bad boys in YA who almost border on psychopathic, so I wanted to actually explore that without using vampires or demons as a metaphor, to dig deep into that dark, terrifying side of human psychology. I wanted to show a character grappling with her choices, someone who has a darker side they’re only just discovering, and who has to determine which path they’re going to take in life.

4.) Dangerous Boys is about a love triangle gone horribly wrong. With love triangles being a reoccurring theme in YA did you intend to write one with a not so happy ending?
Love triangles are always used to highlight the different impulses in the main character – good vs bad, sensible vs reckless – so I knew that the brothers would pull Chloe in different directions. But what made the trope fresh for me, was using them as a way for her to discover herself, and just what she’s capable of. It’s not about picking a guy, but choosing the girl she’s going to be – which side is stronger.

5.) Both Dangerous Boys and Dangerous Girls are gritty YA reads. As you’re writing for a teen audience do you have to keep in mind how much is too much? Or do you have a no holds barred writing approach?
I try to stay no-holds barred. I think it makes a more realistic read, and writing thrillers like this allows me to really push the boundaries, which I love.

6.) When writing do you know how the story is going to end? Or do your characters and their actions surprise you? 
Writing thrillers with a mystery element, I always need to know what happens before I start writing, so I can structure and plot for maximum suspense. I spend a long time moving the pieces around. Both DG and DB use flashbacks and non-linear narrative, and I love to build the tension by jumping between different timelines.

7.) What’s next for you? Do you plan on writing more YA Thrillers?
I love thrillers, so I definitely would like to write more. I’m mulling a few ideas and researching things, so stay tuned.

8.) What three words best describe Dangerous Boys?
Dark. Twisted. Unflinching.

 I'm giving away three copies of Dangerous Boys, one each to three lucky readers. Simply read the rules and fill in the Rafflecopter to enter. Good luck!

Giveaway Rules 
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Dangerous Boys is available to buy from the 14th August 2014 
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