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Girl Hearts Girl Blog Tour: Top 5 Reasons I Can't Wait to Read Girl Hearts Girl and Giveaway!

Hi everyone and welcome to my stop on the Girl Hearts Girl blog tour! Today I'm sharing with you the top 5 reasons I can't wait to read Girl Hearts Girl (and why I think it should be on your summer TBR's too!) I'm also giving you the chance to win 1 of 3 copies in this tour wide giveaway so don't miss your chance to enter.

Top 5 Reasons I Can't Wait To Read Girl Hearts Girl
1.) It's a Memoir 
I think we're getting better at publishing LGBT YA Fiction but there is definitely a lack of YA memoirs on the market. Fictional coming out stories are great and so important but for me personally nothing is more powerful than hearing about the very real highs and lows of life as a young LGBT person from somebody who has been through these things directly. There is something very inspiring about reading true coming out accounts and I think they make young LGBT people struggling with their sexuality feel less alone. 

2.) That Cover 
The first thing that drew me to Girl Hearts Girl is definitely the cover. It's colorful, striking and proud making it unmissable to anyone searching for an LGBT read in their bookshop or library. 

3.) Online Relationships 
I have met all of my closest friends via the internet so I'm very intrigued to read about Lucy's experience with online relationships. I think there are many pros and cons to getting to know someone online first (and then maintaining a long distance relationship) and I think that it's something a lot of teens are experiencing on social media in 2016 whether with romantic relationships or friendships. 

4.) Honesty 
I've heard from my blogger friends that Girl Hearts Girl is a very honest read. I think that LGBT stories have a tendency to either be very bleak and upsetting or very hopeful and uplifting when really life is a mixture of both. I'm hoping that Girl Hearts Girl captures both the highs and lows of LGBT life and presents them to the reader honestly. 

5.) Friendship 
I love books about friendship and from reviews I've read this is a topic that Lucy really explores in her memoir. I think the relationships you have with your friends are some of the most important relationships you will ever have in your life and so I love to see friendship being talked about more in YA. 

3 copies of Girl Hearts Girl for 3 lucky winners! 
Participants must live in UK or IRL

About the Author

Co-star of the popular YouTube channel Kaelyn and Lucy which documented the long distance relationship she had with Kaelyn Petras. She and Kaelyn finally came together in August of 2014, ending the long distance element of their relationship. 

She graduated from Plymouth College of Art and Design in 2014 with a degree in Film Arts 

She works as a freelance film editor and author. She and Kaelyn's channel mainly focuses on advice videos for LGBT youth. 

She was born in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire to parents Sharon and Roger Sutcliffe. 

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Girl Hearts Girl is available to buy in all good bookshops as of 24th June 
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