Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Blog Tour: The Light Between Worlds

Hey guys and welcome to my stop on the The Light Between Worlds blog tour! I was lucky enough to read an early copy of this and really enjoyed it so keep an eye out for my review soon. Today I have a guest post for you from the author Laura Weymouth all about writing soundtracks and how it influences her writing.

A Soundtrack for The Light Between Worlds – Laura Weymouth 

I’m one of those writers who strongly prefers listening to music while working. The Light Between Worlds was plotted, drafted, and revised to music, and here’s what I listened to throughout the process.

While plotting, I prefer to listen to songs with lyrics that sum up the mood or theme of whatever scene or arc I’m working on. For The Light Between Worlds, I had two key songs for both Evelyn and Philippa – for Ev, they were Old Days by Ingrid Michaelson (“Maybe what you think of me won’t change, but I still hold on to the old days”) and The Light by Regina Spektor (“I know the morning is wiser than the nighttime, I know there’s nothing wrong, I shouldn’t feel so down.”)

For Philippa my songs were Half the World Away by AURORA (“And when I leave this island, I book myself into a soul asylum, I can feel the warning signs running around my mind”) and Drink You Gone by Ingrid Michaelson (“Like a sinking ship while the band plays on, when I dream you’re there I can’t even sleep you gone.”)

While actually drafting and revising, I tend to prefer music without lyrics – generally movie scores. From the moment I started seriously working on The Light Between Worlds, I knew what its soundtrack would be. One of my favorite films is The Village – originally pitched as a horror film, it’s really not a frightening movie so much as an exploration of the lengths we’ll go to in order to protect the things we love and perceive as good in this world. And it has one of the most ethereally beautiful, haunting scores you’ll ever hear. Every word of The Light Between Worlds was written to that score, and now I can’t listen to it without seeing the woods outside Evelyn’s boarding school, dripping with late winter rain.

Laura Weymouth is the author of The Light Between Worlds (Chicken House, £7.99). Find out more and read the first chapter here.

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