Saturday 13 July 2019

Blog Tour: I Hold Your Heart by Karen Gregory

Hey everyone and welcome to my stop on the I Hold Your Heart blog tour! Today I am sharing a guest post from Karen Gregory on five things to know about her main character Gemma from I Hold Your Heart.

· Music. Gemma is a singer-songwriter who loves country music and writing her own songs. Her love of music is a big theme in the book and most especially how her relationship to music develops and changes over time.

· Friendship. Gemma’s lucky to have a supportive and loving group of friends, including her best friend Esi and singing partner Cal.

· I Hold Your Heart is set in a town by the sea, and the beaches and sea Gemma’s grown up with play a big part in her life and how she sees the world. She also works in the Beach CafĂ© with Esi.

· Family. Gemma has a younger brother, Michael, who is a rising football star. While her relationship with Michael is a loving one, she sometimes feels overlooked by her parents, something Aaron is able to play on as time goes on.

· Big-hearted. Gemma makes some mistakes throughout the course of the book, but she’s fundamentally a big-hearted and loving person. Hopefully this shines through!

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