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Review for The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

This is a review for the third book in the Bloodlines series and so may contain spoilers from the previous books.

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead 
Publisher: Penguin
Release: 12th February 2013
Genre: YA, Vampires, Witchcraft, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5/5 stars
Source: Received from the publisher for review

Goodreads Summary:
"In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she meets alluring, rebellious Marcus Finch--a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds, and is now on the run. Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her. But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her, Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought. There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her. And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood--or else she might be next."

Reading any book set in the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines world is like coming home. After years of reading and loving these books the characters are so familiar to me that it’s like catching up with old friends and so each new novel brings a lot of excitement because I can’t wait to slip back into this story.

Straight off the bat I want to say that The Indigo Spell is my favourite of the Bloodlines series so far, and it had a very different feel to it than the previous books in the series. This book takes a step back from the vampire world and that whole plot line and instead focuses on witchcraft and magic as Sydney caves in to her magical calling and starts practising alongside Ms Terwilliger. Sydney’s power brings unwanted attention from Ms Terwilliger’s magic hungry sister Veronica who sucks the magic and life out of her victims leaving them in an aged comatose state from which they never awaken. This book is all about Sydney’s character growth, her coming into her magical abilities, and finding Veronica before she finds her.

With Sydney breaking so many alchemist rules in this book she’s also looking to find a way to get from under the alchemists grasp and so is hunting down a guy named Marcus Finch an ex-alchemist who can help Sydney break away from them and shed light on some of the secrets they’ve kept hidden from her. When I first heard about Marcus I was really worried that a love triangle would develop in this book so I was happy to find that there wasn’t one because I really don’t like love triangles and also couldn’t stand the thought of Adrian being in another one. I’m glad that Richelle decided to give the poor guy a break and I just hope that one doesn’t develop in future books.

What made The Indigo Spell stand apart from the other books in the series was Sydrian. Adrian and Sydney have grown so much since their Vampire Academy days and both characters are at their best in this book. There are so many magical moments between them which would just make my heart melt. This is by far the most romantic book of the series and Sydrian fans will not be disappointed!

Overall although the plot is still not up to the standard of Vampire Academy’s the romance certainly is and that’s what made this book my favourite in the Bloodlines series yet. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for one of my favourite book couples in the next instalment!


  1. "Reading any book set in the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines world is like coming home" this is so true. This is exactly how I feel when I read one of these books. I totally agree with everything you said...I think I *might* have preferred the Sydrian build up of TGL, but I lovedlovedloved what happened in this book. I definitely think the plot is getting there, was thrown by that ending!! But still not quite there. Cannot wait for TFH!!

    Cait x

    1. Oh the build up is always full of chemistry and all the fun will they wont they moments! But yeah what happened in this book was just so perfect *le wistful sigh.* Yeah I feel like the plot is coming into its own more now and I liked that about this book :)

  2. I totally agree with you Jess! What makes this book is Sydrian! Finally. I loved Sydney from the beginning and I've always wanted the hotness that is Adrian to get a girl who loved and appreciated him, too. Lovely review. :)

    1. Yep! It was all one big swoony romantic scene and I loved that about it being a total shipper of Sydrian! I'm glad you thought so too :)


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