Monday, 13 January 2014

Bout of Books Wrap Up!

I'm so sad that Bout of Books has come to an end and I'm already looking forward to the next one! I'd like to try and take part in every Bout of Books hosted this year because I enjoy this readathon so much! I had so much fun this time around, I read when I felt like it and I felt no pressure or guilt when I wanted to give my eyes a break and watch a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad (I'm about to start Season 3 and am absolutely obsessed with this show!) Anyway lets take a look at how I did!

*** Walt and Jesse approve *** 

What I Read


Total Pages Read: 1371

Favourite Book Read: Side Effects May Vary! I absolutely loved this book and will have a review for it up soon. I also really loved The New Hunger and Where The Stars Still Shine. Never Fade was my only dud book. I think that it was a mistake to pick up such a long book for a readathon. I really loved the first book The Darkest Minds but Never Fade was very hit and miss for me and I came to the realisation that I'm actually really bored of YA Dystopia right now which makes me sad because it used to be my favourite genre. I think that me and this genre will be taking a break for a little while. There are some Dystopian books coming out later this year that I think sound really good so I'm hoping that they'll rekindle my love for the genre. I'm kind of tired of the corrupt government drama and I feel like every book I pick up is a repeat of the one I read before. I really want something new and unexpected to come along to blast the genre clean!

Final Thoughts: Bout of Books has given me a fantastic start to my reading year and I've now already read 5 books this year putting me two books ahead of my Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books in 2014. I hit my target of reading 3 or 4 books but mostly I just had a lot of fun reading when I felt like it, taking a break when I wanted to and following everybody else's reading progress!

If you took part in Bout of Books let me know how you did! Which book was your favourite?

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