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Character Interview With Isaiah From Crash Into You by Katie McGarry PLUS Giveaway!

Katie McGarry is one of my favourite authors and so I'm thrilled to have her back on the blog today! I absolutely loved her most recent novel Crash Into You which you can read my review of here so I'm very excited to have Isaiah on the blog today for a chat. I'm also giving away 3 copies of Crash Into You courtesy of the publishers for any of you who haven't had the chance to check out Isaiah's story yet. But firstly here is Isaiah talking tattoo's, racing and Rachel...

Character Interview With Isaiah

1.) Hi Isaiah, what have you been up to since we last saw you in Dare You To?
Noah and I moved out of my foster parents’ place. As long as I stay out of trouble and they continue to get their monthly checks from the state, my foster parents don’t care where I stay. 

Other than that, I’m still working at the garage and finishing out my senior year.

2.) We’d love to know a bit more about Rachel what is she like?
Rachel’s perfect. Blond hair, blue eyes, and drop dead gorgeous. But what’s amazing about her is the way Rachel sees past what people look like on the outside to see who they really are on the inside. Truth…she’s one in a million. 

3.) What’s your favourite thing about Rachel? 
I love the way she laughs. I love the smile on her face. I love how she blushes and paces the floor when we enter a room alone. But what I really love is how each kiss she gives me is like the first one over and over again. It’s innocent and hot all at the same time. 

Rachel’s like no one else I’ve met. For years, I didn’t think I belonged anywhere and with a brief smile in my direction and a light touch of her hand, each time it’s like being called home. 

4.) How are things with Beth now?
Beth is complicated and so is our relationship. I don’t see that changing. She’s at where she’s at and I’m exactly where I need to be, but we’ll always keep in touch. What else can you expect from family? 

 5.) What do you love about Racing?
When I’m staring down a stretch of road in those brief few seconds before I hit the gas, it’s like I can see every possibility before me. The light turns green, the entire world comes alive, and for six to seven seconds, I absolutely control my destiny. 

There’s not too many times in life anyone can claim that. 

6.) Of all your tattoo’s which is your favourite and why?
The dragon that winds up my arm and goes down my back. There’s one person who believed in me once….one person who thought I was more than a street rat. That tattoo was for him so I’d never forget. 

7.) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Definitely see myself suping up dragsters. My goal is to start my own garage and maybe I’ll be close enough to tucking away seed money in about five years. If life works in my favor, Rachel will still be by my side.

8.) Describe your dream girl 
Rachel Young. There’s no one else for me. 

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