Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas With Keris Stainton

Today on the blog lovely UKYA author Keris Stainton is taking part in my festive feature Christmas With so grab a hot chocolate, turn on your Christmas playlist and get ready to spend a magical Christmas with Keris...

Christmas With Keris Stainton

1.) What made you decide to write a Christmas book for children?
It didn't actually start out as a Christmas book, but my editor thought it had Christmassy potential and asked me to Christmas it up. As soon as she said that, I knew she was absolutely right, not least because I had the original idea - and made the first notes - at Disneyland Paris at Christmas. So it was always a Christmas book, even if I didn't realise it until it was pointed out to me.

2.) How did you get into the festive spirit to write?
I have a Christmas playlist on Spotify. I also have a Disney Christmas playlist. There's a song they play at Disneyland Paris called Chante C'est Noel and that gets me in the spirit straight away. (It's also good for kitchen-dancing.)

3.) If you could wish for anything this Christmas what would it be?
Health and happiness for family and friends, of course. And I'd quite like to bump into Harry Styles while 1D are on their hiatus. I want to give him a copy of Counting Stars, cos he's in the acknowledgements.

4.) What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
Bailey's. I can only have it at Christmas because otherwise I'd honestly put it in my coffee in the morning. Also fairy lights. I have some up all year round, but at Christmas I hang them everywhere. 

5.) Do you have any Christmas traditions? 
We try to make new Christmas traditions all the time. We go to a Victorian Christmas fair every year (and I usually have my first mulled wine of the year) and we also like to go the a local garden centre that has lovely gifts and amazing lights and decorations. And we usually have a mince pie there too.

6.) Favourite Christmas food and drink?
Argh. ALL the food and ALL the drink. I absolutely loved mulled wine. And mince pies. I've never really got on with Christmas cake or Christmas pudding though, which is odd for me since I pretty much eat everything.

7.) Favourite Christmas movie?
Elf. I love watching it with my boys. And Nativity. The bit when he reads the children's letters to Santa breaks my heart every single time.

8.) What does Christmas mean to you?
Family. We used to have huge family Christmas parties as a child and we don't do that anymore - and I miss it - but we try to make Christmas as fun and memorable as possible for our two boys. Some of my best memories are of childhood Christmases and I hope the same for them.

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