Friday, 11 December 2015

Colour Me Mindful


Colour Me Mindful by Anastasia Catris 

Over the past year I’ve really gotten into the adult colouring book craze. With my anxiety there’s not much that allows me to escape from my thoughts and relax, if my anxiety is really bad I find that even reading a book doesn’t help because I can’t concentrate on it, but colouring is a great hobby that helps me unwind, be creative and do something that is just for me.

Recently I’ve been loving three books in the Colour Me Mindful series by Anastasia Catris and those are the Butterflies, Enchanted Creatures and Seasons editions. There are so many brilliant colouring books out there at the moment but what I like about this particular series is how small they are, they’re perfect for popping in your handbag and are a comfortable size to colour on your lap if, like me, you like to do a bit of colouring in front of the television. I find that I can colour one of these pictures in an evening which is lovely because I do get a bit bored if I’m colouring the same thing in for weeks at a time.
My colouring from Enchanted Creatures

What I love most about this series is that it offers something for everyone. There are six books out in total so far with each of them having a different theme. My personal favourite is Enchanted Creatures which is full of fairies, unicorns, dragons and other wondrous things that I loved to colour when I was a little girl. I find that this one really opens my imagination and is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy.

At the moment I’ve found myself reaching more for the Seasons edition which has lots of beautiful Christmas themed pictures to colour in. I think that what makes Seasons so brilliant is that unlike the other Christmas and Winter themed colouring books I’ve seen around it won’t be made redundant once Christmas is over. This little book is packed full of gorgeous artwork capturing all four seasons and special occasions throughout the year such as New Year, Halloween and Easter. I haven’t seen another colouring book like this one and think it’s perfect for all year round.

My colouring from Seasons

For only £4.99 each I think that these colouring books are excellent value for money and would make brilliant stocking fillers if you have somebody who loves colouring to buy for this Christmas. Or if like me you’d love to do some Christmas and Winter themed colouring this season. I’ve found that putting on some Christmas songs and colouring a festive piece has quickly become one of my favourite ways to unwind from the stress of Christmas.

When the colouring craze first started I didn’t really think it would be for me but I’ve quickly become addicted. If you’re someone who finds it hard to relax I’d really recommend giving them a go. I’ve seen a few people knock colouring as a “pointless hobby” but I think that’s what’s great about it. It’s so nice to do something that is just for you and purely for fun that’s both creative and relaxing and I’ve loved getting lost in the imagination of Anastasia Catris.

My colouring from Butterflies

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